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In Search of a Confident Faith

    Posted by Admin on September 1, 2008

10 Reasons why In Search of a Confident Faith can benefit your life

Klaus Issler and JP Moreland's In Search of Confident Faith has been released by InterVarsity Press! Note the 32% discount at Amazon.com.

Here are 10 reasons why you may want to purchase this book:
  1. It exposes misconceptions about faith, what it means, and how it grows.
  2. It teaches you practical ways to grow in the habit of prayer and how to receive answers to prayer.
  3. It gives you understanding about how faith is indispensible to how and why God made the world in the way that He did.
  4. It shows you how experience and reason is related to faith.
  5. It empowers you with skills to address intellectual doubts regarding faith.
  6. It gives you vision and pastoral counsel about how to live your life in the supernatural power of the Spirit.
  7. It teaches you how to learn from the stories and examples of other people's confident faith.
  8. It is theologically informative but not intimidating to thoughtful Christians.
  9. It is useful for both individual and group discussion.
  10. It is a beneficial supplement to Moreland's Kingdom Triangle, Issler's Wasting Time with God, or Moreland and Issler's The Lost Virtue of Happiness.

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09.16.08 (JG): The book is totally worth its value if for no other reason than for reason #1 above. There are so many misconceptions about faith among Christians. Finally, a book that can speak clarity (and a whole lot more!) to confusion about the meaning and significance of faith.
09.15.08 (Aaron T): Great book!
Dr. Klaus Issler