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10 Spiritual Practices To Connect More With God
#3: Become Aware of the good "Coincidences" in our day

    Posted by Klaus Issler on September 23, 2008

All good gifts come from God (James 1:17). If goodness comes to us, gratitude beckons us to receive goodness as grace.

If this is so, then take notice of those unplanned meetings with acquaintances, that lost item that was suddenly found at the right moment, that coincidental protection from danger. These modest examples, along with countless others, come to us because this truly is "Our Father's world."

God is more active in our lives than we know! It's a God-thing.

I talk more about becoming aware of goodness in our daily lives in Wasting Time with God (pp 115-117).

Share the goodness of your day with us. How are you growing in vision and discernment of these matters in your daily life? How can sight to see goodness in the ordinary be strengthened by confident faith?

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