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Thirteen Corporate Habits
#2: Meditation

    Posted by Klaus Issler on September 24, 2008

Meditation helps us to grasp the significance of a passage by enabling us to get the material deep down into our hearts.

Here are some modest suggestions:
  • Church members could mediate on one particular passage for the upcoming weekly sermon.
  • Or, for each day as one component of a corporate retreat, one particular passage may be selected for both individual and corporate meditation, with group sharing planned after some interval of time.
  • Furthermore, during a group meeting of meditation, a leader may wish to take those present through the phases of Lectio Divina as a group, meditating on the same passage.
How might the corporate habit of confession be related to meditation?

Have you tried corporate meditation before? If so, what has that looked like for your group?

How has corporate meditation been fruitful for your group's spiritual formation in Christ?

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