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Great Blog Reviews on Confident Faith

    Posted by Admin on January 12, 2009

Enjoy the latest blog review of In Search of a Confident Faith!

"[Moreland and Issler] explain that much of the doubt believers experience is caused by the apparent lack of God’s activity in their lives. So the solution to this particular doubt is to give more witness of the supernatural activity of God in our individual lives. If more Christians would give this witness, their testimony would build up other believers’ trust in God; their 'God-confidence.'

This section of the book is strung together with candid personal stories by both authors. Not only do Moreland and Issler offer stories, but they also share their own struggles with and failings in spiritual transformation. Their personal touch in this section gives the book a “realness” lacking in some apologetic literature. The reader will not find merely another discourse in theology or another lecture in philosophy; but will find these authors are sitting down with the reader to share their own journey to the truth about world in which we live. In keeping with the personal feel of the book, the conclusion to part two offers active steps to grow in reliance on God; including a brief but extremely helpful discussion on the difficult subject of discerning God’s Will. Christians who read this book will definitely be edified and encouraged."

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