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Confident Faith Derived from Resurrection Power

    Posted by Admin on April 13, 2009

Is there anything more confident faith building than to know that death, hell and the grave have all been conquered by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Even more, to those that are in Christ, is not that same power that raised Jesus from the grave available to us who ask in order to effect change - real transformation! - in lives that are lived in the presence of the Kingdom that is already among us?

The resurrection of Jesus is indispensible evidence of the power of God; it is an unmistakable demonstration that God is near and acts with the power to authorize newness of life through his beloved son, Jesus. The panoply of the early church's experience reflected this unique reality.

Whenever we see God at work, our confidence in Him and in His work is understandably strengthened. His demonstration of authority, whether at creation, the resurrection, or when he comes today to usher in freedom from sin, is all tailor-made for publicity; it's all intended to magnify the fame of His name in our midst and to the nations.

Yesterday, at the Easter service of the Vineyard Anaheim church, a powerful opportunity was given to testify about the power of the resurrection made manifest today through miraculous healings in Jesus' name.

These first-person accounts are tremendously inspiring. Either listen or download the audio and may your confidence be strengthened in the God who is for you!

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