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Word of God as a Mirror and the Process of Reflection

    Posted by Beth Issler on May 18, 2009

When we genuinely see ourselves in the mirror of the Word of God, it leads us to the process of reflection.  Reflection is the on-going, intentional process of awareness leading to evaluation and embracing of the movement of the Holy Spirit which is our journey in God.  It is on-going because we will never attain perfection is this life, even though that is what we are aiming for.  Progress is our goal, not perfection.  It is intentional because we ourselves must decide to spend the time to do it: God is encouraging the process in many ways, but ultimately in our terrifying gift of free will, we are the ones who have to welcome and allow the process in our lives.  It is a process of awareness – it never comes in a finished package, but is dynamic and fluid and headed toward the goal of union with God ultimately. 

The first movement in the process is the awareness of what the mirror is showing – labeling what is really true in our lives.  Next comes the rejection or the embracing of what it is that we see in the mirror – the reason we can embrace it without fear is that the movement and reflection that we see is a movement of the Holy Spirit of God who is purely and perfectly loving us as we long to be loved.  So as we gaze into the mirror of the Word of God, the journey becomes two-pronged:  We know by experience who God really is (often not who we thought he was) and we know by experience who we really are (stamped with the image of God and yet also deeply flawed).  This is our end, our journey into God.

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