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See God Show-Up in Many Ways (part one)

    Posted by Beth Issler on June 1, 2009

Now, are there any other mirrors?  There are many – our infinitely creative God shows up in many other ways in our lives to prompt us to remember the reflection we saw in His Word. 

I would define mirrors in everyday life as anything which comes to us in our interior world or exterior world which we use to stop and ponder our life in God.

Some come to us through our senses:
• Creation (Psalms 9 & 18); God’s word specifically tells us that creation speaks of some of God’s attributes; focusing on the beauty of creation gives us a sense of the grandeur and majesty of God; it can draw us upward and out of ourselves into the mystery that is God; it can help us put things in the right perspective – He is God and we are not.

• Our awareness of our bodies:  If we pay attention, this gift from God, this place where God dwells, can tell us a lot about where we need to pay attention.  Do we regularly notice when our bodies are rested or tired, good tired or dangerously tired, holding tension or experiencing the peace of God, hurting or in health?  This is a mirror we dare not ignore.

• People – our observations of them, our interactions with them, their responses to us; how they view the world.  For instance, you notice that a certain person rubs you the wrong way all the time.  As you ponder why this is, you realize that you feel that the person doesn’t respect you and it makes you notice that significant people in your life have also felt this way to you.  This can be food for your prayer as you ask God why this is so and what does He think about you. 

• Our culture – what do we value or not value as a nation? As an ethnic group?  As a church culture?  For instance, I have the ideas that people should work hard to take care of themselves and their families.  I think that I have to take care of myself sometimes without reference to God.  Where did I get this work ethic and this radical individualism?  I soaked it in from the culture around me.  As I reflect on these ideas before God, I can begin to absorb his views rather than all the views of the culture.  This can be the discipline of examining your “shoulds”.  Some are Biblical, some are not.

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