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See God Show-Up in Many Ways (part two)

    Posted by Beth Issler on June 3, 2009

We have been documenting the many ways that God shows-up in our mirrors. Here are some others to note:

• Our families – the structure that determined a lot of how we view the world; important to understand it in order to know what qualities were good in it to continue on in our own life and what qualities were harmful so that we do not perpetuate the patterns in our own families; this is hard to get clarity in this area because we are so close to it and it influenced us before we could talk.

• Any sensory stimuli that we seek out – books, movies, plays, TV, talk shows, games, music.  We can absorb good values and bad ones – the key is to intentional about what you are experiencing.  I enjoyed the very romantic movie “Camelot” when it first came out; years later I realized that it was sympathetic to adultery.  I love heroic movies like the “Lord of the Rings” because it points me to the truth that Good will eventually win out in this world.

• Any sensory stimuli that we don’t seek – pain, suffering, negative events in the world.  A few years back I had a season of shoulder pain which lasted three years and eventually involved two very painful surgeries.  One day as I was reflecting on my pain and asking Jesus to help me bear it, I remembered the scene in the movie The Passion of the Christ where Jesus’ arm is pulled out of joint as they nail Him to the cross.  It struck me very forcefully that Jesus was well aware of what shoulder pain felt like and He wasn’t asking me to go through anything that He had not gone through.

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