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See God Show-Up in Many Ways (part three)

    Posted by Beth Issler on June 7, 2009

Some mirrors come to us in a more interior way:

• Any of our thoughts about any subject – our wishes, our desires, the things we want to avoid; the things we are curious about; naming what we actually think about something is the first step in deciding whether we want to continue to view things that way or whether we want to change how we think; for example, I grew up in an area with very little ethnic diversity, when we moved to California when I was a young person I had to decide whether I would see people as individuals and base my views on my own observations.  It is important to choose what we will think about (Phil 4:8) – will we view the cup as half full instead of half empty?

• Dreams – either waking or sleeping; our dreams for ourselves become a way to examine what God might be dreaming for us.  Our night dreams from God are full of invitations for us to think about things in a new way since the language is so symbolic.  Our night dreams can also be a way for the Spirit to get around our defenses and examine something that we may have trouble looking at directly.

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