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Mirrors, God and His Word: Conclusion

    Posted by Beth Issler on June 10, 2009

Let me summarize this series of blog posts:

Mirrors are any message that comes to us through our senses or our minds such as seeing a sunset and reflecting on its beauty, our body’s aches & pains or fully attending to what its like to taste an orange, seeing nature as God’s revelation, our interactions with people (even seemingly insignificant parts of our days), reflections on history of the world or our history, attending to cultural messages (good & bad), as well as the ongoing dialogue that we have with our Abba through his word  – all of these can be beneficial or harmful messages which need to be attended to in God for the sake of our souls.

What is absolutely necessary in order for us to benefit from any mirror is that we are willing to stop and notice in that moment what is being reflected to us.  None of these mirrors will have any effect at all unless we stop and pay attention.  We have to be willing to purposefully attend to what is present before us in this moment.  If we are fully attentive to what is going on in this moment, we can ask the Holy Spirit for more revelation to gain even deeper understanding.  This is what happened when Moses encountered the burning bush in the wilderness.  He could have said “Wow, what an awesome sight!  I bet God is in this place” and then taken off to take care of his day’s duties with the sheep.  But he was willing to stop and gaze intently to interact with what God was doing in that moment.  Therefore, God gave him further instructions about what to do “take off your shoes, because the place you are standing is holy ground.”  He then entered into the flow of what God was doing in history.  So our job is to stay awake and alert to the moment so we don’t miss what the Lord has for us.

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