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Pop Culture and the "Empty Self"

    Posted by Admin on July 3, 2009

Fred Sanders, a theology professor at Biola University and co-editor of Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective, recently blogged about how he doesn't pray for celebrities because they are not "real people."

An interesting idea.

In The Lost Virtue of Happiness, Issler and Moreland talk about the panepidemic crisis of the "empty self." What is the empty self?

1. The empty self is inordinately individualistic.

2. The empty self is infantile.

3. The empty self is narcissistic.

4. The empty self is passive.

How does the widespread presence of the "empty self" relate to the idea from Sanders? Is God interested in transforming our "real" self or our "false" self? What fuels an empty self? How can it be disciplined?

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10.5.09 (Dave Rueter): I believe that Luther used the phrase "curvatus in se" to talk about the sinful nature of humanity as being curved in on itself. Sadly as we in our culture continue to curve inward to find meaning all we are able to find is the lack thereof.
Dr. Klaus Issler