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Part 1: Inner Formation & Dallas Willard

    Posted by Admin on October 13, 2009

Klaus Issler has begun a multi-part series in the Musings section that develops some of his recent work on spiritual formation. 

The title of the series is "Inner Formation of the Heart." 

In the first installment, with the support of Dallas Willard, Klaus encourages us to take stock of our beliefs and our ideas about spiritual formation. 

One of the areas that must be confronted is do we even believe what we know (or can know) to be the case about what Jesus, the scripture and the Kingdom of God reveal about spiritual transformation? 

How good are we at not just believing what we believe but believing what we know, whether from our own experience or from the authority of others, about the reality of Jesus' power to transform us? 

Why do you think there is a disconnect from what we know and what we believe about God and our human condition? 

Ideas also form us. Dallas says, "Ideas are very general models of or assumptions about reality. . . . It is extremely difficult for most people to recognize which ideas are governing their life and how those ideas are governing their life." So not only must we take stock of our beliefs and their formation in knowledge, but we must discern ideas, their patterns, and their hold on our thinking and on our affections. 

You can read more of Klaus' first installment in this new series by going here.

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