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Part 3: Inner Formation & Wisdom

    Posted by Admin on October 27, 2009

Christianity is a wisdom and knowledge tradition.

Not surprisingly, Jesus' view of the human heart echoes the Old Testament teaching and description of the heart, especially from Proverbs.

It is in the interest of wisdom to know what is real about human life, its conditions, and its development.

From that standpoint, its not surprising that both Jesus and biblical Wisdom literature would take stock of the heart; Jesus is wise to do so, and the attestation of Wisdom literature to the heart confirms how such literature is deeply in touch with reality.

Wisdom and direction are necessary in order to detect the heart and its influences on a life.

Think about it. It is wisdom to know what is real and to know what are the limitations, purpose, nature, and significance of what is real.

Jesus and scripture guide us into true realization of the reality of the human heart. Do you trust them?

How does Jesus' teaching and the teaching of the Proverbs about the heart inform and form your attitude and vision about how you view your life and its development?

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