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Incarnation & Celebration

    Posted by Admin on December 10, 2009

In 2007, Dallas Willard gave a sermon on the "Incarnation and Celebration."

The Incarnation is about seeing the greatness of Jesus. The little baby is just the beginning of the incarnation. It is a cosmic event that touches the whole universe. Incarnation is about Christ coming into the world of matter—flesh matter—and bringing a wonderful, ravishing reconciliation ...

You can download and listen to Dallas' talk by going here.

More about Jesus, the incarnation and the trinity can be read by viewing Klaus' co-edited book, Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective.

How and why does our view of matter make a difference concerning how we view the power and relevancy of the incarnation?

At Christmas time, why does there tend to be a preoccupation with "Baby Jesus" in our culture, instead of seeing it as a cosmic event? What ideas and thought-patterns in our culture encourage such a minimalist view of the incarnation?

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