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Part 4: Inner Formation & the Willing-Doing Gap

    Posted by Admin on November 3, 2009

There is a willing-doing gap that exists, which must be honestly confronted if any real development in the spiritual life is to be obtained.

Klaus call this to our attention in a recent Musing.

Will power alone was never meant to carry the weight of right living. It is too puny to defeat the various temptations we face and to change the sinful habits and compulsions developed over a lifetime. For formation of the heart, we need another strategy that works along with how God has designed human nature.

In the willing-doing gap, why is there the tendency to resort to raw, will power as a solution to mending the gap? What is it about that power that is attractive to us, at least until it fails to succeed to cover the gap?

Jesus and the Old Testament testify to the fact that we live out of our heart. Paying attention to our deeply, submerged core beliefs and desires is necessary for understanding what's in our hearts and how our hearts are to be directed and transformed by the Spirit.

What are some core beliefs and desires that often need to change about our view of the sanctification gap between our willing and our doing?

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