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Part 5: Key Inner Formation Terms

    Posted by Admin on November 10, 2009

Klaus' recent musing underscores the importance of clarity when talking about inner formation that is after genuine transformation in Christ.

To have proper leadership in this area, it is important that people understand the following introductory terms: what is the "willing-doing gap", the "heart," and the "central governing worldview beliefs and desires."

Klaus' approach underscores the importance of "worldview thinking" and how integral it is to spiritual formation. 

From the standpoint of our central governing worldview beliefs and desires, being a disciple of Jesus means that I learn to adapt to and fully adopt Jesus' worldview.

Have you ever read the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament with an eye toward discerning this lead question: What is the worldview that Jesus and his followers present about what is real, abou what is good and valuable, about who is well-off, about what can be known, about what is the purpose of life and about a whole host of other ultimate issues and questions can be mined from a care-filled study of scripture.

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