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Part 6: Will Power Relates to Central Beliefs and a Lifestyle

    Posted by Admin on November 17, 2009

In a recent Musing, Klaus says,

"If you want to know what our central governing worldview beliefs are, we note how we act in a variety of situations. Almost all of our actions exactly match our central governing worldview beliefs."

Given that insight, it is a good reason to journal and regularly reflect about your life as a whole in light of how your actions reveal your core beliefs.

Pay attention to your responsiveness in various situations.

Howard Hendricks used to say that we must be a good scholar of ourselves before we are a scholar of other people and their ideas.

If you are a leader of any sort, regardless of the size of group that you lead, it is paramount to pay attention to your beliefs and actions and to help those that you lead to do likewise.

When we regularly show-up to pay attention to our beliefs and action, we can be in (at least) a better posture, attentively, to know and to sense God's direction concerning how He wishes to mature our beliefs and actions after His will for our lives.

God is not interested in blessing our ignorance of ourselves. But he will bless our knowledge of ourselves, especially as such knowledge (as Calvin encouraged) is before the face of God.

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