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Part 11: Central Beliefs and Immediate Decisions

    Posted by Admin on December 21, 2009

To make any real progress in the transformation of our heart, we have to understand and appreciate the relationship between our decision-making and our central beliefs, especially since we tend to live out of what we believe.

An important insight to underscore, which Klaus observes in his recent Musing, is that

Our central beliefs cannot instantly be changed by a mere decision or a heartfelt commitment of our will, at any time we want to.

The good news is that our central beliefs, no matter what we may say, think, or feel about them, do not easily change as a result of mere will or a passing whim. But this is bad news if we want immediate results in the change of our core beliefs; yet again, our desires must learn to be submitted to reality.

The transformation process into Christlikeness, supervised by God, involves conforming our central beliefs, over time, to match REALITY, not just to fit our whims or what we feel like at the moment.

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