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Wasting Time with God Questions: Trinity & Friendship

    Posted by Klaus Issler on September 17, 2008

We continue our series through the chapters of Wasting Time with God. Recall, that on page 39, I state the main point of chapter two ("Friendship: Approaching the God Who is Love"):

"If we do not increase our experiences of intimacy on the human plane, we limit the kind of intimate relationship we can experience with God."
  • Why do you think God as Trinity does not seem to be understood, and/or not appreciated much in Christianity as an important doctrine with practical implications for Christian living?
  • What is the distinction being between "friendship" and "community" and what proposal is offered regarding how they relate? With which one would you agree? With what would you disagree or modify? Explain.
  • What characteristics does good friendship require?
  • How does our culture make good friendship a rare thing?
  • What practical implications come to mind from this chapter for the church, and for Christian living?
For more information about recent scholarship concerning the doctrine of the Trinity, see Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective.

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