BOOK: How We Learn A Christian Teachers Guide to Educational Psychology

How We Learn A Christian Teachers Guide to Educational Psychology

    Klaus Issler

Retail Price: $26.00
Length: 245 pages
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers (May 2002)
ISBN: 978-1-5791-0967-7


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"Issler and Habermas have written a work that all Christian educators should be acquainted with. . . .The sections on Purposes and the chapter on Human Nature are by themselves worth the reading of the book. . . . It will be cited and included in my reading lists and will help guide students toward helpful Christian treatments of educational psychology."

Eleanor Daniel, review in Religious Education

"Issler and Habermas set out to 'demystify' the subject of educational psychology. They have gone a long way in accomplishing that goal and providing a distinctively Christian framework within which the reader can evaluate the various theories of development."

Robert C. DeVries, formally Professor of Christian Education, Calvin Theological Seminary

"Issler and Habermas have penned this offering out of a rich reservoir of understanding. A splendid aspect is the wealth of theological concerns that enhance their book."

Warren Benson, Professor of Christian Education, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"I was delighted to use this book as a text for a graduate-level course entitled 'Motivation, Learning and Teaching,' and my students were appreciative of both its readability and its depth. Their insight that this is a resource book as well as a readable text is one with which I heartily agree. One of the great strengths of the book is in the clear delineation of each of these [learning family] approaches and their insightful application to processes, motivation, nature/nurture issues, developmental changes, personality, and a reminder about Christian maturity as the goal for learning. This is a solid book, maybe the best yet for courses which focus on Box D in Frankena's model."

Dave Rahn, Professor of Education Ministries, Huntington College

"How We Learn is loaded with helpful graphs and tables to make the material much more practical and accessible to the full-time and lay-teacher alike. The examples used in various applications come from the extent of Christian educational experience: the pulpit, Sunday School, youth ministry and Christian Day School. For this reason it should be required reading for anyone in full-time Christian education. It is a valuable help for pastors as well as lay-teachers in the Sunday School and junior church."

—Review in Calvary Bible Theological Journal

"This is a fine book, strongly grounded in biblical and Christian thought throughout. It would be a good supplement for an educational psychology class, or a central text for Christian education courses. As usual, Klaus Issler pulls together a well-written and very useful volume."

Don Ratcliff, Price-Lebar Professor of Christian Education at Wheaton College

"Ok, it certainly is a textbook--but the kind that invites you to read at least a few sentences, regardless of where you open it up. Somehow, How We Learn is an academic work that is nevertheless interesting and day-to-day relevant, too, particularly for youth workers."

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