BOOK: How We Learn A Christian Teachers Guide to Educational Psychology

How We Learn A Christian Teachers Guide to Educational Psychology

    Klaus Issler

Retail Price: $26.00
Length: 245 pages
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers (May 2002)
ISBN: 978-1-5791-0967-7


List of Tables and Figures

Part 1 Perspectives about Learning
Chapter 1: Why Worry about How We Learn?
Chapter 2: What Can We Learn?
Application: Evaluating and Measuring Learning

Part 2 Process of Learning
Chapter 3: Learning by Processing Information
Application: Facilitating Discussion among Adults
Chapter 4: Learning by Association
Application: Guiding Children's Learning
Chapter 5: Learning by Example
Application: Guiding Teens to the Right Models

Part 3 Preparation for Learning
Chapter: 6: Sensitivity to Student Motivation
Application: Learning Styles and Motivation
Chapter: 7: Human Nature: Birthday Gifts for Growth and Learning
Application: Students with Special Educational Needs
Chapter: 8: Developmental Changes in Our Thinking
Application: Children and Conversion
Chapter: 9: Mapping Our Personality Growth
Application: How Willing and Able Are Students?

Part 4 Purposes in Learning
Chapter: 10: The Goal: Christian Maturity
Application: Learning Dispositions Through Spiritual Disciplines
Chapter: 11: A Lifelong Call to Change

Application: Teaching with E's
Appendix A Teaching Methods and the Six Avenues of Learning
Appendix B Unity in Diversity: Body, Soul, and Gender
Index of Scripture
Index of Authors
Index of Subjects

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