BOOK: Living into the Life of Jesus

Living into the Life of Jesus:
The Formation of Christian Character

    Klaus Issler

Retail Price: $16.00
Length: 240 pages
Publication Date: April 2012
ISBN: 978-0-8308-3811-0


Living into the Life of Jesus is a breath of fresh air whose uniqueness lies in two directions: its central focus is on Jesus and the Gospels, and it includes a seminal chapter on finances and the spiritual life. Issler provides the reader with new insight after new insight. But he is no mere theorist, and the reader will walk away with numerous, specific suggestions as to how to live more like Jesus. I highly recommend this wonderful book."

J.P. Moreland, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, author, author of The Kingdom Triangle

“The formation of good character is the standing human problem, generation to generation, and it is the arena of perpetual human failure throughout history, up to today. The formation of Christian character in companionship with Christ is the verifiable solution to the standing problem and the constant failure. For many decades, Christian sources have not done well with character formation, if they have addressed it all. Klaus Issler has carefully worked his way through the details of how Christian character formation reliably proceeds. He knows from personal experience and scholarly research how it works. He guides you in the path and enables you to extend what you have gained to others in desperate need around you. Living in the Life of Jesus is a vital resource for any individual or group looking for ways to realize the powerful outcomes of spiritual transformation manifestly presented on the pages of the New Testament.”

Dallas Willard, author, The Divine Conspiracy, The Spirit of the Disciplines

"Living into the Life of Jesus gently points us toward recognizing the gaps in our spiritual formation plan and gives us fresh tools to dive deep into the love letters of God in the Bible. Issler takes on the oft-forgotten practices of peacemaking and forgiveness, showing us practical ways to flourish in deep, real relationships designed for a lifetime instead of just a season. He also tackles the tough topics of money, the marketplace and generosity. Your walk with Jesus will be refreshed and the practices of your faith will be renewed and strengthened as you live into the life of Jesus."

Greg Leith, Director, Strategic Alliances, Biola University; Board of Directors, Convene CEO Forum, and The Barnabas Group

“Klaus Issler has identified the key to authentic Christian living: It is a matter of the heart and discipline. Get ready to drink from a fire hose emanating from the Well of Truth, the Bible. This book will put you to work and on the road to a deeper relationship with the Lord. The work is worth the investment. He combines theology, Scripture, real life experience, and assignments all designed to sharpen your understanding and your Christian walk.”

Ken Eldred, businessman/philanthropist, CEO of Living Stones Foundation Charitable Trust; author, The Integrated Life, and God is At Work

"The more Christian books I read, the more disappointed I become. As well-intended as many of these authors are, too often their final product ends up selling out to the cultural norm of shallow anecdotal responses, overly simplistic solutions, little to no rigorously applied thought processes and mediocre integration of Scripture to their subject matter. Klaus Issler's book is about as opposite of the abovementioned deficiencies as I have read in a very long time. Living into the Life of Jesus was such a pleasure to read; I felt the author and I were having an ongoing discussion versus being preached to in 'black and white.' Throughout the book, Issler shares his struggles, his victories, but most importantly, his personal mistakes. In doing so, Klaus has written a book that I plan on sharing with many of my clients so they may understand, appreciate and be better equipped to meet the challenge of Ephesians 4:13 '[to attain] the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.'"

Raymond P. Gleason, business executives coach, Building Champions

“The desire to become more Christ-like sometimes gets translated into a list of dos and don’ts which, quite frankly, can be more burdensome than joyful. In contrast, Klaus Issler draws from the teachings of Jesus to provide a fresh perspective on achieving genuine character change. Of particular interest to me is his emphasis on the redemptive potential of marketplace activity and personal wealth. With its generous use of ‘prayer projects’ and review questions, I believe this book has strong potential for use in classrooms and Bible studies.”

Steve Rundle, professor of international business, Biola University, co-author of Great Commission Companies

“As a pastor, I am constantly seeking relevant and insightful books which stimulate not only my own personal growth but also provide an effective tool to help my church members develop the image of Christ in their lives. My criterion for such books is that they be biblically grounded with relevant application. Living into the Life of Jesus is one book that accomplishes that goal for me. Issler offers fresh and deep insights to familiar passages of Scripture. But this is not just an academic exercise. It will challenge your mind and also lead your heart into the practice of spiritual formation that is Christ centered and empowered by the Spirit of God. This is an essential text for any pastor that seeks to form the character of Christ in his own life and the life of his church.”

David J. Mitchell, senior pastor, Calvary Church of Santa Ana

"If you want to be changed by following the way of Jesus, immerse yourself in these penetrating, well-thought-out observations of Jesus' life alongside practical guidance for living into that life yourself."

Jan Johnson, Renovaré Institute faculty member, author Abundant Simplicity and Invitation to the Jesus Life

“This book is about learning to live like Jesus: To become more like him, To understand what it means to incorporate His way into our way, To know the heart and mind of Christ. Klaus Issler provides us a fresh and thoughtful perspective of what we can learn and apply from the life of Jesus.”

Bill Pollard, chairman and CEO Emeritus, The ServiceMaster Company

“Our life and relationships in Christ simply work right when we live them out from the heart. Klaus’ scholarship and warmth show us how clearly and deeply Jesus’ teachings lead us along that path.”

John Townsend, author of the best-selling book Boundaries