BOOK: The Lost Virtue of Happiness

The Lost Virtue of Happiness

Retail Price: $14.99 (Get at least a 30% Discount)
Length: 219 pages
Publisher: InterVarsity Press (February 2006)
ISBN: 1576836487


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"This is a rare book. It manages to be biblical, deep, understandable, engaging and practical all at the same time. As few books are, this one is worth contemplating, discussing and putting into practice. I highly recommend it. "

Randy Alcorn, author of Heaven and Safely Home

"The Lost Virtue of Happiness is rich in practical wisdom. It encourages us to embrace the way of other-centered self-denial springing from the practice of God's presence and vital trust in Him"

Ken Boa, Ph.D. D. Phil., president Reflections Ministries,
author of Conformed to His Image

"Myriad empirical studies underscore the fact that happiness is a highly value virtue in our world today. This handbook to happiness begins with the ultimate biblical truth; to gain your life you must lose it."

—Luis Bush, international facilitator, Transform World Connections