BOOK: Wasting Time with God

Wasting Time With God: A Christian Spirituality of Friendship With God

    Klaus Issler (Foreword by James Houston)

Retail Price: $17.00 (Get at least a 35% Discount)
Length: 296 pages
Publisher: InterVarsity Press (June 2001)
ISBN: 978-0-8308-2280-5
Translations: Korean, Portuguese, Russian


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"I received a wonderful father's day gift from L&T, a book called Wasting Time With God. I wanted to let you know how thoroughly I enjoyed it. The book really spoke to those of us who are not Bible scholars or theologians. I must say that I'm sure I will get more each time I read it. Thanks for your dedication in allowing God to use you in this way."

—[retired police officer (male) 7/9/01]

"I've been reading your Wasting Time with God for my devotional hour and finding it very rich. Thank you for pouring your heart as well as research into this exquisite work. I think copyright allows my copying one chapter for use in classes, and ch 2 on Trinity and Friendship is marvelous for [a spring class]."

—[(male) seminary professor, evangelical seminary Midwest 8/5/01]

"I immediately read the first chapter as I ate my lunch yesterday. I know already that it will be a book I will give to my friends and family."

—[lay woman, large church, west coast 7/11/01]

"I've been spending time reading it--and it IS GOOD! You are a great writer, Klaus, and I love your integration of personal with academic value. I'm going to keep reading it, because I might use it for a study I'm starting in the fall. Now, like any faithful follower of true writers, I'm wondering when your next book is coming out?!"

—[woman staff, large church, west coast 8/6/01]

"Sorry I missed you [left a voice message], but I just had to call right away about the book or I knew I would never get to it. It is OUTSTANDING! What a great combination of scholarship and contemplation--both so thoughtful and personal. I can tell it was a labor of love (and tears!) You've put just the right words on many of the steps in my own pilgrimage over the past 7 years. Sounds like maybe we've had the same inner journey tour guide, huh? P.S. I enthusiastically rec. your book to M at lunch on Friday and told him I was thinking about using it as a text in the spring section of our Evangelism and Discipleship class (M teaches the Fall section). He told me, 'Yeah, well I've one step ahead of you. I'm using it this Fall. I knew that whatever Klaus wrote was going to be great, so I ordered it sight unseen."

—[chaplain, Christian college, east coast 8/14/01]

"I was in [hotel] over the holiday weekend and read your book. Wow! You're an amazing man. Thank you for writing it. My copy is already dog-eared and marked up and I've only had it a week."

—[Christian university development (male), west coast 9/7/01]

"Currently I'm leading a group of our Bible study teachers through study of your book. I chose your book because I found your insights very thought provoking, plus it encouraged me to look at our Lord and the disciplines with fresh eyes and new perspectives. The women are truly enjoying both your book and the experience of sharing their insights with one another. We will be centering our Women's Retreat this January around the spiritual disciplines, and this is great preparation for this upcoming time of ministry to our women."

—[woman church staff, west coast 10/3/01]

"It is continuing to be digested and appreciated in new situations! Most recently I included some of your thoughts from your chapter on FAITH in my chapel message here. I really appreciate the reminder that the unseen is where we really live and of greater importance than the visible realm. What timely word as the world situation is so dark. I also used major portions of your chapter on HUMILITY in our young couples with preschoolers SS class.."

—[wife, missionary 10/18/01]